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Amber Adams

Client Associate

Amber Adams

Client Associate

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Joined M.J. Smith & Associates in 2003

Amber started working at M.J. Smith & Associates while she was still in high  school. She helped with filing and clerical duties to keep things running smoothly. Now, nearly two decades later, Amber is a Client Associate. She assists with nearly every aspect of life at M.J. Smith & Associates: fulfilling client requests, assisting with compliance audits, appointment scheduling, helping with review preparation, and sitting in on review meetings.  

What drives you professionally?
Our clients. At first, I was nervous about interacting with them whether it was face-to-face or over the phone. But throughout the years, what I have loved most has been the personal relationships I’ve built with our clients. They feel like they can trust me and talk about anything, not just their finances.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to go to numerous Raymond James conferences, learning more about the business every year. I’ve had the opportunity to learn every facet of the business. I’m so appreciative of what Mark has done for all of us. Our office is a family, and we have a really good dynamic.

No one else has been here as long as I have. I’m a lifer. I can say I enjoy going to work; not many people can say that.

If we ran into you on your time off, you’d be…
Traveling anywhere near the ocean: Hawaii, the Caribbean, Florida, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Mexico. The ocean makes me feel free.

Giving Back:
I got involved with the Invisible Disabilities Association after learning about it from a client who had suffered a brain injury. I was one of the Young Professional Co-Chairs for the 2019 gala. They raise awareness for people who live daily with invisible disabilities, illness, and pain.

Fun Facts:
I was the 5th generation of my family to be born in Napa, California. My entire extended family still lives there.

My grandpa was a hot air balloon chaser for the Napa Sentinel. I still have the camera he used on the job.

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