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Jennifer Searle

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jennifer Searle

Marketing & Communications Manager

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Joined M.J. Smith and Associates in 2013

Jennifer earned a B.A. in Communications & Art from Muhlenberg College. She worked for an ad agency and a medical publisher in Philadelphia before landing a marketing role at the University of Pennsylvania Press. After a move to Chicago, her responsibilities increased and she was promoted to a senior production manager with a national ad agency. She has big city experience coordinating tight deadlines and budgets while managing multiple projects. Jennifer started at M.J. Smith as a part-time assistant, quickly making herself indispensable and ultimately joining the firm full time.

How did you end up at M.J. Smith & Associates?
After many years of big city agency life, my husband and I relocated to Denver for a better quality of life. I stayed home while my son was young, but when he went to preschool, I was ready for new challenges. I like the small office and close team environment we have here. I’m not a financial person, and I don’t want to be! I like planning things, having a vision for an event or project, and working with a timeline to complete that vision.

What do you enjoy about working with clients?
I get to see our clients every time they come in to the office. It’s fun to connect with them and develop a rapport. I try to make sure each client feels welcome and that we all want to know them on a personal level. We try to make our events about getting to know our clients because the more we know about them, the more we can help them.

If we ran into you on the weekend, you’d be…
Doing something very Colorado! We absolutely love Denver. My husband, Jim, was a bit skeptical when we moved here because he thought it would be cold and snowing all the time. He loves to ski so he has become an even bigger lover of Colorado than I am. Along with our sons, Cameron and Graham, we love to ski, go to art festivals, try new restaurants, take road trips, and enjoy concerts at Red Rocks.

Fun Fact:
I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but growing up, our family traveled to Aspen for summer vacations. It feels like a second home; I’m at peace there. My parents live near Red Rocks, and we have family dinners on Sunday.

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