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Tyler Schaefer

Client Associate

Tyler Schaefer

Client Associate

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Joined M.J. Smith & Associates in 2019

Tyler is a member of our operations team, bringing more than 12 years of work in the customer service industry with him. As a Client Associate, Tyler’s duties include the oversight of existing account maintenance as well as assisting with the client onboarding experience.

Tyler has a degree in business management and a minor in finance from the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire. He worked for TransAmerica as a customer service rep which provided important experience for his role at M.J. Smith & Associates. He has very high expectations for customer service whether he’s providing that service or receiving it.

What drives you professionally?
My customer service background is critical. It’s a big thing to do the little things and make sure you’re taking care of people the right way. I expect a lot when I go somewhere and am face-to-face with people, so that’s how I think about what I do from my end.

I find great satisfaction in helping others. I think about how I feel after someone does something well or provides a good service. It makes me feel like I’m being treated the right way. I want to give that same feeling to our clients.

This is a very personal industry. People give you details about their lives that they wouldn’t tell their closest friends. I take pride in knowing that and being a part of helping clients through things – whatever that may be. I want the clients to know me and feel comfortable.

If we ran into you on the weekend, you’d be…
Rooting for the Packers or any Wisconsin sports team. I’m from Wisconsin originally and lived there my entire life before relocating to Denver. I love going back to visit. My wife, Katie, and I have a dog, Dave. We love Wisconsin, but we also enjoy exploring Denver’s new breweries and playing intramural volleyball and softball. I also enjoy playing golf.

Fun Fact:
Did I mention I’m from Wisconsin?

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